At Barbastelle, its all about the: quality, fit, and performance.

I use only the best parts and materials, every bike is built to last.

I build the bike around you, be it an endurance bike, time trail machine or weekend racer they can all be customised and built to your precise specifications.

Don’t know what you’re looking for?

Don’t worry, I’m here to help! I can talk you through what you will need and how it will handle and feel, allowing you to be aware of how the design can be adjusted to get the most comfortable ride.

Each bike is a unique collaboration between builder and rider, together we will create the prefect bike.

How we got here.

I started building bikes in 2012 out of parts, any random parts I could get hold of at the time. Eventually I started making my own frames as I couldn’t find the perfect combination of materials, fit and performance.

I learnt to build frames at the Bicycle Academy in Frome, and I haven’t stopped building frames since.

“Super comfortable, stable, quiet, responsive and oozes quality”

Pete Sanders, Barbastelle owner.

Stay in touch, keep updated.

We share recent news and photos of our builds over on our Instagram account. Go check it out!